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Mitsukejima Island


The local people call the bizarre island "Gunkan-jima."
Gunkan means battleship, and jima is an island.

Suzu city is nearly at the tip of Noto peninsula. Although it's quiet and somehow isolated, you'll love the tranquility of the ocean and the beautiful scenery in the city. Let me introduce one of the unique “must-sees” on the coast, Mitsukejima! It's an island standing 30 meters above sea level, is 50 meters wide, and 150 meters deep. Look at the pic! It's quite unique, isn't it? It's composed of diatomaceous earth; same as the peninsula. The locals simply call it Gunkan-jima, because it looks like a battleship. But, just so you know, there is another Gunkan-jima down in Nagasaki prefecture as well. So don't get confused! Mitsukejima is located within the Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park! Why not go there to spend some time away from the cities?
Coco SHIZUO, Artex Inc.; Updated June 1, 2018

The island is named after the legend that Kukai (the founder of Shingon Buddhism) discovered it during his travels.

Mitsukeru means to find, jima is an island. It's said the grand master came from Sadogashima island to Noto peninsula, and found it. Mother nature often gives us unique objects on this planet. This bizarre island must have been a landmark around the local fishing villages. It is composed of diatomaceous earth that is essentially the fossils of phytoplankton. The peninsula is rich in clay, therefore the city Suzu is well-known for shichirin (small charcoal grills) also made of diatomaceous earth, by the way.

Mitsukejima is located in one of the Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Parks, and there is a hot spring and a campground nearby.

Let's take a walk on the cobbles to the island just for fun! And you can swim during summer at the beach. Walking on the promenades in the parks is amazing. You’ll definitely want to spend some time there when you go. From the middle of April to September, the auto campground is open, and there is a public youth hostel with a hot spring. Of course there are also many guesthouses (called minshuku) that are owned by local people around the park. They can give you a sense of the life in the area, in addition to serving you excellent seafood, guaranteed!

The 3.5 km stretch to Koiji-kaigan beach is named Enmusu-beach. Let's stop along the way and ring the bell to increase your odds for good romance!

3.5 km down to the southwest along the coast from Mitsukejima island, there is another famous beach called Koiji-kaigan. This beach is named after a tragic love story. The coast from Koiji-kaigan to Mitsukejima island is called Enmusu-beach. Enmubi means matchmaking! Thus, this area is very popular with Japanese couples and single girls! You will find a bell at the Enmusu-beach. Don't forget to ring it to wish for good romantic relations!

How to get to Mitsukejima Island by Hokutetsu Express Bus

Suzu-Ushitsu Tokkyu Line (珠洲宇出津特急)
Minami Ukai (南鵜飼) stop
Duration: 3-hr from JR Kanazawa Station
8 min-walk from Minami Ukai bus stop

Suzu Tokkyu Line (珠洲特急)
Suzu Ukai (珠洲鵜飼) stop
Duration: 3-hr from JR Kanazawa Station
17 min-walk from Suzu Ukai bus stop