Kanazawa, Noto Peninsula, and Other Cities
Discover secrets on the places in and around Kanazawa City,
where are located on the other side of Japan's east coast!
Jump in a Hokuriku-Shinkansen bullet train at JR Tokyo station, or fly from
Haneda, Fukuoka, Taipei, or more airports, to get to know them better!

[ Kanazawa City ]

We have all marveled at them, sensed their elegant nature and perhaps even touched one. I was lucky enough to have the wonderful opportunity to not only wear one but also stroll the streets in a beautiful Kimono. My name is ...

[ Nanao City ] New!

For many international tourists interested in the peninsula, a road trip may be the main thing they consider enjoying while there. However, there are not too many adventurous activities to enjoy around the waterfront. Nevertheless, it’s ...

[ Kanazawa ] Jan. 5-6

* We are sorry the autumn party (held Nov. 10) was fully booked!
Kneeling or sitting on our comfortable cushions lined up against the red and blue painted walls of the large Japanese-style room, gazing hungrily at the gorgeously prepared meal ...

[ In and Around ]

Once upon a time, many kinds of indigenous vegetables were cultivated in and around Kanazawa during the feudal era. Since consumers controlled the market, the farmers were forced to bend to their demands. Japanese people ...

[ Kanazawa - Kaga ]

Have you ever been tired of the unsurprising and conventional literature of usual tourist guidebooks? Have you ever felt like straying from their recommended tours? Mostly, have you ever experienced this indefinable and fleeting ...