Riverboat Cruise in Kimono

Published: January 31, 2011

Fabulous Antique Kimono

daishoji_04.psdThis rental shop, Aterier Ri, is the place I fell in love with antique Kimono. We were just about to make an article for issue #005 of Eye on Kanazawa (a free paper we put out in English) to introduce the Dishoji district in Kaga city. A girl from France agreed to help us with the article, and we visited the shop to pick Kimono for the shooting. As soon as I saw the massive collection, I said “wow!” I was dazzled by all of the beautiful antique Kimonos in the quaint building! “How could they collect those?”
The pretty French girl seems to be over 170cm. Most antique Kimonos are very small with short arms, as you know. That’s one of the problems when we look for old Kimono, right? I asked the staff if it was possible to find a nice one for her. “We’ll overlook wearing an antique kimono without Ohashori.” They said. “Make sense!!” Ohashori is the folded excess around the waist, only women’s have those. People in the Kimono business tend to be strict about the way to wear these old Japanese clothes. So, we need an excuse about “no Ohashori”, just in case!!!

Atelier Rii / 1, Daishojishin-Machi, Kaga-Shi / Map

Exotic Riverboat Cruise

daishoji_05.psdAlong the former Daishoji-Gawa River, this riverboat leisurely goes down as you see Sakura cherry blossoms from the water. That’s because spring is the best season for a cruise, I think. The boats are Japanese style with Tatami mats. You should know that you have to take your shoes off in the room. It’s very quiet around the river, you can relax and take in the beautiful view of the Sadaishoji_06.psdkura trees in the water! It’s like being in a fairy tale!! The atmosphere is quite exotic, even for Japanese people. Welcome to the lost world! Pink Sakura petals floating on the water are also lovely. If you are lucky, a boatman, or Sendo-san, will sing a folk song on the boat for you! However, I hear they row a chartered boat with Kotatsu (Japanese heating table and futon) in winter as well. Besides this, they also offer a “Night Sakura boat” for some days in spring, and also a “Summer evening boat” from the end of July to August. Why don’t you try it during your trip?
I’m dying to go on a cruise in my own antique Kimono sometime. Will you join me?

Riverboat Tour Office / 1, Daishojishin-Machi, Kaga-Shi / Map

More recommended places to visit!


Zenshoji [全昌寺]

Zenshoji is well-known for the Soto school Zen temple where the 17th-century-haiku-master, Matsuo Basho, stopped by and composed a poem. Don’t miss Gohyaku-Rakan (500 statues of Arhat) displayed on the shelf which has five layers and 100 lines! It will blow your mind! It's said that you can find one which looks just like you!


Admission : ¥500


Jissho-In [実性院]

daishoji_12.psdJissho-In is also a Soto school Zen temple. This area was a branch of the Kaga-Han lord, and the so-called Daishoji-Han. Jissho-In is the family temple for the lord. You’ll see their graves and the Gorin-To (buddhist pagoda) in the graveyard, which has one Kanji (Chinese character) engraved on each part. There are also fat yet cute statues called Boke-Fuji Hyakuju-Kan-non which can protect you from senility. The Juroku-Rakan (16 statues of Arhat) and the garden also must sees!

Admission: ¥400


Ishikawa Prefecture Kutaniyaki Art Museum

  • Ishikawa-Ken Kutaniyaki Bijutsukan

daishoji_13.psdThis art museum has stunning porcelains designed by artists and masterpieces by Old Kutani. Just so you know, you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside. We got permission in advance for shooting in the museum to make this article. There is also a beautiful park between Zenshoji temple and the art museum.

Admission: ¥500