_TX_6736.psdYon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park_TX_6745.psdOku-Utatsu-Yama Kenmin Koen Park_TX_6755_600.psdHana-Shobu-En (iris garden)Utatsu-Yama hill Area
Oku-Utatsu-Yama Kenmin Koen Park is a fun spot with available barbecue grills. Hana-Shobu-En (iris garden) is also beautiful with its pink petals. The weeping Sakura are amazing at Yon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park. It's a nice walk from the Higashi Chaya-Gai district to the foot of the hill, and also there are many amazing promenades for pedestrians in the hill.

_TX_6713.psdFrom the small arbor in Yon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park_TX_6718.psdYon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park_TX_6720_600.psdIn the small arbor at Yon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park

Oku-Utatsu-Yama Kenmin Koen Park Map / Shobu-En (Iris Garden) Map
Yon-Hyaku-Nen-No-Mori Park Map