DSC03111_600.jpgKenroku-En garden
1-4, Kenroku-En-Machi, Kanazawa

Kenroku-En garden is famous for offering the most beautiful view of cherry blossoms in Kanazawa. During Hanami, admission is free and it’s open at night as well, where the garden is transformed into a beautiful wonderland, complete with nighttime illumination.The garden is lined with vendors selling festival food, drinks, and face masks called o-men.Although everyone is in a festive mood, you’re not allowed to have a party inside the garden. Instead, we recommend trying some colorfulhanami-dangodumplingsor powdered green tea at the various small cafes.IMG_0472_600.jpg


Kenroku-En Garden / 1, Kenroku-Machi, Kanazawa / Map