Take in the marvelous Kanazawa scenery by night!

Have you decided how you want to spend the night in Kanazawa?
Before you visit an Izakaya or sushi bar, why don’t you experience a “Light-up Bus”?

The Light-up Bus is a tour bus that goes around the light-up zones and buildings in the center of Kanazawa. This bus service is available every Saturday evening from 19:00 to 20:50, leaving Kanazawa station every 10 minutes. Special bus services on other days are also occasionally available. Today, I will show you the fantastic Kanazawa scene at night!

By Azumi Kawahara Published: March 30, 2011

Light-up Bus 2016/2017
Service: Saturdays
Schedule: 19:00-20:10 *Leaving Kanazawa station every 10-20 minutes
Fare: Adult 300 yen; Child 150 yen (7-12)
Evening pass: Adult 500 yen; Child 250 yen
*Pass sold at the east gate bus terminal in Kanazawa station, Katamachi Bus Service Center and some hotels.

#00: Kanazawa Station
Before getting on this nostalgic bonnet-style bus, buy an evening pass at the bus center located at Kanazawa Station’s east gate. Okay, now you’re ready for your night-tour around Kanazawa!
#01: Musashigatsuji
#02: Owari-Cho
Passing Musashigatsuji intersection, the bus goes through the old shopping street, Owari-cho, where you will find a couple of fantastic buildings beautifully decorated with lights.
#03: Hashiba-Cho
The next bus stop, Hashiba-cho, is the closest bus stop to the Higashi and Kazue-machi Chaya Districts, which I think are perfect for a night stroll. In the summertime, I’d recommend that you get on an early bus as you can witness the twilight going into darkness!
Also at this bus stop is where the local guides, called “Maidosan” (wearing yellow jackets), are waiting, and they will guide you through the fantastic atmosphere in Higashi-Chaya. (If you want join this free guided tour, be sure to get on the buses that depart from Kanazawa Station between 19:00 to 20:00.)

#04: Kenroku-En Shita
Now, the bus is running through a street between Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenrokuen Garden.
The Ishikawa-mon Gate of Kanazawa Castle appears white and solemn at night, very different from the daytime. In Kenrokuen Garden, an illumination event is held for each season. It's wonderful to walk through such a beautifully-lit garden at night, so don’t miss it!
#05: Sesonkaku Mae
The bus goes up a hill to the calm and spacious park area where the Prefectural History Museum’s retro-styled red-brick building is also illuminated with lights. Very romantic, but make sure to also pay a visit again during the daytime as the park has quite a different atmosphere at night!
#06: Hirosaka
Going downhill, you will find the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art standing at the bottom of the slope. This white, round shaped museum looks like more like a UFO while being lit-up. On the opposite side of the street towards Korinbo, there are two lit-up public buildings.

#07: Kohrinbo
If you are planning to have dinner or drinks in the downtown area, it’s convenient to get off of the bus at the Korinbo bus stop. If you stay on the bus, you will soon catch a glimpse of a lit-up Oyama Jinja Shrine on the right side. buildings.
#08: Minami-Cho
Then, the bus goes back to Kanazawa Station while passing through the Mimani-cho and Musashigatsuji bus stops. Feel free to stay on and take a second night-tour of Kanazawa if there’s something you missed or just want to marvel at the beauty one more time!
#09: Musashigatsiji
#00: Kanazawa Station


lightup-bus-2704.jpgKanazawa Stationlightup-bus-2728.jpgHigashi Chaya-Gai Geisha Districtlightup-event-2140.jpgKanazawa-Jo Castlelightup-bus-2756.jpgKanazawa-Jo Ruin

lightup-bus-2710.jpgChomin Bunka-Kan Museumlightup-event-2060.jpgKenroku-En Gardenlightup-bus-2785.jpgShiinoki Plazalightup-bus-2777.jpg21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

lightup-bus-1020736.jpgKazue-Machi Geisha Districtlightup-event-2095.jpgIshikawa-Mon Gatelightup-bus-2812.jpgPref History Museumlightup-bus-2752.jpgIshikawa Shiko Kinen Bunka Kohryu-Kan Museum